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"Bryan, I would like to thank you again for a great experience. You were an excellent instructor. Your calm attentive demeanor and obvious experience in helping people went a long way in helping me complete my open water with ease. You are certainly on top of things as I have already received my permanent PADI open water certification complete with a picture of some old guy on the front. Thanks again! Sincerely, D.K."


"Bryan, I did not really take the time to express my appreciation of your skill as an instructor. There are more than 50 instructors within driving distance of our house Any one of them could have given us a PADI #. Insted, you approached the class with your own style, Your patience and intellect gave my son an appreciation of why things work, when to be cautious and how to enjoy his dives. Thank you for that. C. J."


"PADI, This email is in reference to our recent experience with Bryan Clark as our dive instructor. Our group consisted of three sets of father/son, looking to become certified divers together. Through Bryan's excellent training, I am happy to say that we are all confident and prepared, ready to begin our adventure in the sport of recreational diving. Bryan demonstrated all the qualities of a top notch dive instructor; extensive knowledge of diving, the ability to effectively transfer that knowledge to his students, enthusiasm for the sport and teaching, thoroughness in student preparation, patience, and overall a wonderful demeanor. Bryan will be our diving instructor of choice when it comes to recommendation. He has all the skills to become successful at whatever he chooses to pursue. Regards, Newly certified father and son divers, N. T. and K. T."



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